Haaland the king of diving

 Haaland the king of diving

There was one astonishing moment when Barcelona met Manchester City. At the end of the match, Erling Haaland did a dive which led to a Citizens penalty. Whoops!

Barcelona meet Manchester City at Camp Nou, Thursday (25/8/2022) early morning WIB, in a charity match to combat the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which can cause paralysis.

Former Barcelona assistant coach Juan Carlos Unzue became one of the sufferers since two years ago. The match was filled with 91,062 spectators alias fullhouse.

Both teams fielded their best players so that they exchanged goals since the first half. Manchester City took the lead through Julian Alvarez in the 22nd minute, before Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang equalized in the 29th minute.

Frenkie de Jong made it 2-1 for Barcelona in the 66th minute before Cole Palmer equalized again in the 70th minute. Memphis Depay brought Barcelona ahead again 3-2.

The match seemed to be won by Barcelona before Riyad Mahrez's penalty in the 99th minute ensured the score was 3-3. Unfortunately, the penalty in the charity match was controversial.

Haaland got a through ball in the Barcelona penalty box and tried to run away from the pursuit of Andreas Christensen. Suddenly Haaland fell as he tried to reach the ball.

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The referee automatically judged Christensen to violate Haaland and pointed to the spot. Suddenly the Erling Haaland fall incident made him ridiculed in the mass media.

Moreover, Haaland briefly glanced back before dropping down about three seconds later.

Twitter condemns Erling Haaland's diving (Screenshot)

"How could it be a penalty? Haaland should have won the gold medal for his diving," said one fan on Twitter.

"Haaland's diving is really ridiculous," said another fan.

"What the hell Haaland, the most embarrassing dive I've ever seen."

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