How To Cook Bitter Gourd With Egg

Bitter gourd can be eaten raw, pickled, or steamed for a healthier diet; however, it is best not to eat raw bitter melon due to its high pungency level which may cause stomach upset.

Raw bitter melon causes severe vomiting and diarrhea when consumed in large amounts; these symptoms occur due to build-up of oxalic acid in the intestine’s bacteria population over time.

Cooking reduces the pungency of bitter melon by reducing its amount of oxalic acid in food products such as pickles or soup mixes.

Furthermore, steaming reduces pungency by decreasing intestinal bacterial populations’ ability to produce oxalic acid due to higher heat which reduces bacterial activity@ this makes it an ideal dish for individuals suffering from kidney disorders such as nephrolithiasis (kidney stones).

Bitter gourd is a seasonal fruit that can be eaten raw, cooked or made into pickle.

It is also known as bitter melon, Indian bitter gourd, or bottle gourd.

People in Asian countries like India, China and Indonesia consume the fruit in large quantities during the summer months.

Bitter gourds are also used in traditional medicine to treat diabetes, heartburn and kidney disorders.

However, consuming bitter gourd can cause health problems such as diarrhea and vomiting if prepared improperly.

Bitter gourds have many culinary uses such as providing non-meat meals for vegetarians or treating kidney disorders caused by excessive consumption of raw fruit.

They are also effective diuretics since they increase urination without affecting blood pressure levels too much@ perfect for bodybuilders seeking to lose weight!


Additionally, urine contains sodium ions which helps regulate the body’s water levels.

Doctors recommend eating two raw bitter gourds per day for patients suffering from high blood pressure since it helps lower blood pressure levels without side effects like others diuretics do.

Apart from that, athletes should pay attention to their sodium intake while eating non-vegetarian food with bitter gourd since sodium increases blood pressure levels when over consumed.

Bitter gourd and egg combinations can provide non-vegetarian meals as the bitter taste of the fruit is accentuated by the egg.

The combination can be served cold or at room temperature; garnished with spring onion or parsley for a more appetizing dish.

Cooked bitter gourd with eggs are also healthy as they provide vitamin C and antioxidants.

Aside from that, it is beneficial for athletes to eat non-vegetarian food rich in protein during intense training periods due to increased protein intake’s positive effect on muscle growth.

A dish containing bitter melon with chicken curry is a great choice for athletes looking to boost their protein intake without sacrificing taste.

Choose the right cooking method, and you can also make a delicious dessert with your leftover applesauce! You can boil applesauce until it becomes tender and then let it cool before refrigerating it for later use in cakes, pies or ice cream creations.

Alternatively, you can bake applesauce into a sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving instead of canned cranberry sauce! Either way, you’ll get sweet potatoes with delicious apple flavor instead of apple sauce’s sour taste@ much healthier! Cooking methods aside, making delicious dessert is easy if you have leftover applesauce!

Many cultures have used bitter gourds to make healthful soup.

Chinese medicine believes that consuming bitter foods helps digestion, reduces inflammation, and strengthens the immune system.

The ancient Egyptians also used bitter gourd as a food supplement to treat arthritis, diabetes, digestive problems, skin diseases and wounds.

They believed that eating bitter foods helped them pass through life without trouble or death.

Doctors also recommend eating apples during a period when you are menstruating due to its mild diuretic properties.

At this time of year, apples are in season and make excellent applesauce with a mild taste of bitterness.

Apples contain pectin, which helps reduce stomach irritation during menstruation by decreasing blood volume and increasing blood loss.

A bowl of apple-sauced bitter gourd gives you both fruits at once@ great for your health!

Bitter gourd soup is popular in many countries.

The name “bitter gourd” comes from the bitter taste of the vegetable and its perceived medicinal properties.

In some cultures, soup made from bitter gourd is considered a healthy dish to eat.

However, cooking bitter gourd with other ingredients reduces its bitterness and makes the soup more nutritious.

Cooking methods also affect the color and taste of the soup.


Bitter gourd has numerous health benefits due to its unique composition of different types of chemicals such as beta-sitosterol found in other plants like cabbage which has cholesterol-lowering properties as well as beta sitostanol found in burdock that has anti-inflammatory properties similar to aspirin without side effects such as stomach bleeding like aspirin does.

Therefore@ anyone can make their own healthy bitter gourd soup at home with little effort using readily available kitchen items!

Using common kitchen items, anyone can make their own soup at home using little effort! All you need is a pot or large saucepan; some water; some butter; some brown sugar; cinnamon; ginger; cloves; cardamom powder (eastern spice); star anise (Chinese spice); allspice berries (British spice); black peppercorns; mace (African spice); bay leaves (Scottish spice); coriander seed (Mexican spice); cumin seed (Eastern African spice); dried lemon peel; dried orange peel; and finally sliced apple or pear for extra sweetness and flavor.

Once all ingredients are ready in your kitchen at home@ start boiling your water in your pan with butter until it boils again.

Next, add all spices except fruit to the boiling water @ stir well so all spices are well-incorporated into the broth mixture before adding fruit into broth mixture lastly so fruit doesn’t break apart when stirring it in hot liquid later on.

Lastly @ remove pan from heat when liquid has reduced enough to form a thick gravy-like consistency before serving warm to your family or guests!


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