How To Cook Hokkien Mee

How To Cook Hokkien Mee

Hainanese chicken rice is a type of rice with chicken cooked in it.

However, the name of this dish has become a generic term for any dish that involves rice and chicken.

Hokkien mee is another name for this dish.

It’s a popular dish in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and Malaysia.

In Indonesia, there are over 300 varieties of hokkien mee@ a testament to how much locals like this dish.

The ingredients used to make hokkien mee vary by region, but the method remains the same throughout Indonesia and Malaysia.

In both countries, it is typically prepared with beef or pork ribs as the main ingredient.

Adding soup stock to the dish adds richness and makes it more flavorful.

Hokkien mee is usually served warm with garnishes added at home or served cold at restaurants.

The garnishes include chopped peanuts, pickled cabbage slices, cucumber slices and fried shallots or onions on top of noodles depending on regional preferences and taste

To prepare hokkien mee, first boil meat in water for a few hours until tender.

For beef hokkien mee, then add tomato ketchup and soy sauce to enhance the flavor of the beef.

Once the meat is tender, strain broth and add soy sauce again if desired.

Next, take wheat noodles and boil in broth with beef or pork ribs until almost done.

Then mix soup stock into noodles while they are still hot to prevent them from becoming mushy when served cold.

Add eggs to noodle mixture@ boiled in broth@ and fry them until whites are solid but yolks are still runny.

Lastly, garnish noodles with fried onions and chopped parsley leaves for presentation later on at home or in a restaurant

Hainanese chicken rice originated from China’s Hainan Island where people ate Chinese chicken over white rice since white rice was not available back then.

However, when they arrived in other countries they brought their “hainan chicken” with them where it became localized into different dishes such as “chinese chicken” in North America which today can be found under many variations worldwide such as “Kung Pao Chicken” or “Hunan Chicken” among others based on region preference

Many people prefer adding additional ingredients such as minced pork liver or sliced hard-boiled eggs to their hokkien mee when eating it cold at home or at restaurants later on.

Other versions include adding soup stock to beef hokkien mee instead of using beef rib meat as a base ingredient so that more flavor can be imparted into the dish through the addition of soup stock


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