Israel and Palestine ready for ceasefire starting Sunday night

 Israel and Palestine ready for ceasefire starting Sunday night

Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Militant Group agree to a ceasefire mediated by Cairo. It is said that the ceasefire came into effect on Sunday (7/8) local time.

The two sides raised hopes of ending the turmoil on the Gaza border that has lasted about a year.

Since Friday (5/8), Israeli troops have been pounding targets in Gaza throughout the weekend. Israel also carried out long-range rocket attacks.

The latest clashes have echoed the prelude to previous Gaza wars, although they have been relatively contained as Hamas, the Islamist group that rules in the Gaza Strip and a more powerful force than Iran-backed Islamic Jihad, has so far remained out.

Gaza officials say 43 Palestinians, nearly half of them civilians and including children, have so far been killed. The rockets have threatened large parts of southern Israel and sent residents in cities including Tel Aviv and Ashkelon to shelters.

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