Overlord Season 4 Episode 9: Red Drop responds to the Sorcerer Kingdom’s attacks

Occasion 9 of Overlord Season 4 was fantastic, with the war beginning on all fronts. The occasion's vitality was indefectible, and the CGI work done on the undead was just about perfect. Not numerous anime out there can pull off CGI the way circus has been suitable to do with Overlord. 


The former occasion saw the Holy Kingdom mistranslated as Theocracy. Thankfully, this occasion's mottoes were streamlined. The occasion also did not waste any time on transitions; rather, the plot moved forward easily. Along with this, we were also introduced to a many new characters, giving us an understanding of their varied personalities. 

 Overlord season 4 sees the war begin in occasion 9King Ramposa III from Overlord( Image via Madhouse) 

King Ramposa III from Overlord( Image via Madhouse) 

 Overlord season 4, occasion 9, named Preamble to extermination, starts with King Ramposa III asking for mercy for his area in exchange for his head to Albedo. still, Albedo laughs it off, saying that the Sorcerer Kingdom had decided to wage war on theRe-Estize Kingdom, and the decision wouldn't change, 

The war was supposed to start one month after the protestation. It would only start sooner ifRe-Estize Kingdom's dogfaces decided to insinuateE-Rantel. 

After some time, we see Brain Unglaus and a woman agitating the war declared by the Sorcerer Kingdom. Then, Brain shares how he witnessed Gazef's defeat against Ainz Ooal Gown. 

 He does not want his scholars to suffer the consequences of war, as a result of which he'll try to lead them to safety in the Council State. Brain believes that his swordsmanship could live on through his scholars. 

The month passes as the Sorcerer Kingdom tricks people into believing they've taken retreat inE-Rantel. Ainz complimented Demiurge and Albedo for a job well done. While the process of eradicating the metropolises and municipalities was going easily, Ainz was bothered that effects were going too easily. 

Ainz wants his Guardians to learn from his miscalculations and grow more robust so they can be prepared for any stronger council hanging their rule. 

The coming attack was to be made on a deepwater city calledE-Naeul, which was veritably weak in military power. Ainz took a important weaker force to fight them. likewise, some neighboring municipalities were left with some survivors as well. 

Ainz abstain from explaining the situation to them just also. But the verity is, Nigredo, Albedo's aged family, had asked for mercy for the people. At this request, Pestonya induced Ainz that it could be in the Kingdom's stylish interest if some survivors were left alive to spread fear for the Sorcerer Kingdom. 

We're also taken to Port CityE-Naeul, where the occasion invests some time in introducing us to the new characters and their personalities. Count Naeura and Scama Elbero talk about the undead forces marching towards the city that could ruin them. still, the Four Armaments led by Elbero, weren't planning to leave. 

We were also introduced to Priestess Lilynette, who's veritably popular among men. But in a twist of the tale, people discovered that she was interested in being the doxy of Count Naeura's third son, who was 12 times old. These events were played out as humorous corridor of the occasion. 

 latterly, we were pushed into battle as the Undead, led by Death Knight and Death Warrior, charged towards the city. The Four Armaments did their stylish to stop Death Warrior and Death Knight, but their strength fell too short. 

 This was when Death Knight and Death Warrior were shot down by aGundam-esque adamantite legionnaire, who was part of theRe-Estize Kingdom's Red Drop. So now we eventually have some redoubtable opponents that could take on Ainz Ooal Gown and the Sorcerer Kingdom. 

 Occasion 9 of Overlord Season 4 is a must- watch as the occasion brings in multitudinous plot points that will affect the unborn events of the series. Ainz eventually set up some opponents that could fight back against his forces. This should excite him. We look forward to seeing how he deals with this situation. 


 still, chances are that there could be more adamantite groups or comers that may takeRe-Estize's side in the war, If the Red Drop has decided to show itself again. Along with this, there's also a trouble that there could be another player just like Ainz, who's stuck in the game. 

 Still, only the coming occasion could give us a clear answer concerning the unborn events.

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