Lose Weight with the Clean Eating Method

 Lose Weight with the Clean Eating Method

Ever heard of Clean Eating? Clean eating is a diet consisting of more vegetables, fruit and whole grains while minimizing the consumption of packaged processed foods. What is it used for? Yes, of course the main goal is to lose weight.

What is Clean Eating?

Yes, clean eating is one of the diet methods (meal menu) that has recently become increasingly popular among owners of a healthy lifestyle.

Why are you doing this clean eating? What's better than other diet methods?

Well, if you ask whether it's delicious or not, yes, there is no good diet method. There will definitely be times when we have to brake and control ourselves when we're on a diet. And this requires a struggle, because we all must have a favorite food which is actually a taboo in the clean eating rules, because of the high content of fat or sugar.

Well, the principle is actually simple, which is to do it slowly and start from small things first.

How to lose weight with clean eating

For example, implementing a meal plan (menu plan) and gradually stopping the consumption of unhealthy foods (junk food). You can also implement clean eating by tracking every calorie intake from daily food.

Implementing clean eating seems indeed complicated, but usually it can be easily passed after applying it for a whole week. So, it's really worth to try, you just need to fuel your determination.

Here are 3 Methods You Can Do in Clean Eating for Weight Loss

1. Replace Sugar with Fresh Fruit Once a Week

Cookies, cookies, candy, chocolate, listen to this… loe-me END!

how to lose weight with clean eating

Avoid these sugars… one way to lose weight is by eating clean.

Instead, switch the budget to healthy and fresh fruits. Cut and peel the fruits and arrange them on their attractive plates. If necessary, expensive restaurant-style. Then serve as a snack substitute, or make an all-fruit salad. No sugar added, basically.

As a beginner in this weight loss effort, the replacement of all sweet snacks can be done once a week. Then after your tongue has started to get used to not being given sweet things, you can increase the dose of the fruit to 3 times a week, until you can completely release the sugar completely.

Also replace all sources of flour with whole wheat. Replace white bread, pasta and white rice with brown rice, and all processed whole grains.

Stop eating processed foods and junk food to only 1-2 times a week. Packaged or processed foods that only take minutes to prepare, or only need to be heated, are very high in sodium, fat and other unhealthy ingredients.

Junk food or fast food is also high in fat but low in nutrients. Try reducing the types of fast food or packaged, processed, and instant foods. It's okay if you want to consume it once in a while but only make it an occasional type of food and make limits on the type of food only for special occasions.

Eat foods low in sodium and saturated fat. Choose low sodium soy sauce. Soak the beans in the can overnight in the slow cooker because these canned beans are high in sodium.

Replace sugary drinks with mineral water. Sweet drinks, especially those that contain high sugar packaging. Instead of consuming bottled water such as soda and so on, always provide mineral water that you can take anywhere.

2. Strive for Discipline to Follow a Healthy Meal Plan

3 Principles of Losing Weight with the Clean Eating Method

If you want to lose weight efficiently then it is very important, yes, to eat scheduled 3 times a day, at the same time every day. Don't delay eating, because eating late can trigger you to want to eat unhealthy food. In large quantities.

Worst of all, it's midnight. It's guaranteed, when you wake up, your face will be swollen, your weight will go up fast. Failed our weight loss program.

It would be better if you could cook it yourself. Because, in addition to more guaranteed nutrition and cleanliness, you can also control the menu that is full of nutrients and minimal from high fat or sugar content.

Make a grocery list for the week, based on the meal plan that has been made. Remember, that by cooking yourself – as long as the method of processing and storage is good – it can also be consumed until the next day. Who knows, you suddenly get lazy to cook that day. Hehehe.

Make a diverse menu. The menu that is always changing and meets our tastes will make us more enthusiastic about eating, and miraculously can make us not overeat or get bored.

Try a variety of food ingredients that may have been foreign so far, but of course they contain nutrition we also have to know. Add a variety of grains, vegetables or fruit to your meal plan. Consume only packaged sauces with the healthiest nutrients, even if you can make your own at home.

Actually, making your own sauce is not complicated, and there are many sauce recipes scattered around the world. As a support, try a new recipe that you've never cooked or buy a clean eating guide.

Choose only healthy foods that conform to a clean eating pattern. Look for restaurants that use fresh local or organic ingredients. Choose the healthiest foods from the menu, try to stay as disciplined as possible.

Eat a healthy snack once a week for starters. Plan types of healthy snacks and prepare them before the holidays, such as almonds, fruit or vegetable chunks with healthy dipping such as hummus, black bean paste, baba ganoush which are all made from healthy ingredients.

3. Maintain Clean Eating Habits

Subtract 250-500 calories from your total recommended calorie per day. This can help you lose weight up to 1/2 kg in a week.

The basic recommendation for an adult's daily calorie intake is 2000-2400 calories for women, and 2600-3000 calories for men. Cut between 250-500 calories from the recommended allowance.


But, how do you track your calorie intake?

Now there are lots of calorie counter applications on smartphones. Can be searched on Playstore or AppStore. The more often you use a calorie tracker or counter, the more proficient you will be at estimating the number of calories in a food.

Take advantage of the food intake journal. Input every food you consume which is usually also available in this calorie tracking application.

Always check the scales and take regular photos to compare before and after, once a week in the same clothes. Expose body parts such as the stomach, thighs, arms that are usually covered in fat as a benchmark. These body parts are the first to change when we lose weight.

You also consult with experts. If you are serious about pursuing your weight loss goals, expert guidance is very helpful. The experts in question can be a doctor, a nutritionist and even a fitness trainer, because the three professionals are experts in the fields of nutrition and health, although their focus is different.

correct running technique that must be understood

In addition to implementing a healthy diet in the style of clean eating, you also have to be diligent in exercising to lose weight.

Make exercise a lifestyle. When we make exercise a lifestyle, then we will have a regular schedule to exercise in order to lose weight, as well as when we have to maintain it later.

Clean eating has a positive effect on the body in the form of increased energy, so if you do it right, exercising will be easier to do along with the clean eating method.

So, those are some tips for doing clean eating to lose weight.

With a diet and lifestyle like this, it seems that there will be many bonuses that you can get. Moreover, you are disciplined. Bonuses such as healthy skin and a fit body will be enjoyed immediately.

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